What is Consumer Marketing

Direct to consumer marketing (D2C marketing) is the stratagem of selling product, merchandise or goods directly to the consumer instead of selling them to a company. Now manufacturers have the opportunity to bypass the retail step and can sell and market their products directly to the consumers who hungry for what they have.

We are champions at developing and implementing strategy’s to market products or brands directly to consumers. We are a hands on team that provides the most accurate and on time market insights and will make the best recommendations with and efficient marketing strategy to get your product or brand noticed by consumers. By collecting and anlzying consumer data we can predict the behavior of customer which will give us a strategic marketing advatage and the ability to personalize their consmer journety.

We believe if you know the consumer better you can increase your sales so we study the consumers shopping dynamics including likes, needs and wants and we can target consumers by Geographic’s , Demographics and Behavior.

Consumer Marketing at EMG

EMG will help your brand stay ahead of your competition by improving customer engagement and create campaigns that retain your loyal customers deliver an ROI by using effective in-store programs. We evaluate what the consumer may want to purchase and perform marketing tactics that will promote buying and impulse buying. We analyze your existing customers’ habits and what influences them to purchase a particular product. 

This customer engagement strategy will enhance the customer journey, increase customer loyalty, and increase sales. We find that consumers are excited about their brands and at EMG we are always happy to further that emotional connection


Creating a great customer atmosphere starts with Interaction with the consumer and find out what their needs and interest are. Measuring how long a consumer stays in your store. Separating your customer buy what they purchase analyze how a customer interacts with your brand and evaluating consumer’s behavior This will encourage open dialog with them and start the consumer journey.

EMG uses an effective marketing strategy to increase profit by matching the right consumer with the right product at the right place and time. Our overall game plan is to turn shoppers into customers and customers into consumers loyal to your brand.

Consumer Marketing

Consumer Journey

Starts when the Consumer Enters the Front Door

At Encompass Media Group, we believe in the ultimate shopper’s journey turning into the perfect consumer journey. We create an incredible customer atmosphere that will entice shoppers to become consumers and on their way to the path to purchase. We understand Brand loyalty and the needs of the customer.

Our teams are courteous and informed about the merchandise and will create impressive and memorable displays that encourage consumers to purchase.

Researching your product or service to find how shoppers react with them gives us insight into preparing a strategy for the ultimate customer journey while helping them make decisions along their path to purchase.

The strategy of thinking like a buyer instead of a seller gives an advantage over the competition and helps provide outstanding results to our clients and positive consumer response and improve the customer experience.

Our marketing strategy is perpetual and continually evolving. Understanding the shopper’s and consumer’s journey will help provide variety and quality to your brand and bring value to the customer with the ultimate goal of driving in-store sales.

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