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Encompass Media Group is a nationally scaled outdoor advertising and in-store merchandising company. The company’s corporate office is located in Long Island City, NY and had field representatives in 400 markets across the country.

Encompass clients are made up of both regional and Fortune 500 companies.
Since inception in 2002 Encompass has put together tens of thousand of exclusive locations across its variety of networks and has generated over $500M placed based contracts.

EMG’s clients include many Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Google, Facebook, Netflix and VISA. Regional businesses such as Anthem Health, NY Lottery, NJ Transit and
Verizon and Local Businesses such as stores with new openings, entertainment centers and many others.

For almost twenty years EMG has built one of the largest Field Forces in North America allowing us to activate in over 400 markets. The Encompass Ownership includes Mr. Adam Pierce and Mr. Don Winter, who together have over 50 years of industry experience in sales and operating multi-million dollar business.

ENCOMPASS MEDIA GROUP – Merchandising Recaps

OVERVIEW - For 24 months, EMG has used select locations in its C-Store Network to communicate a smoking cessation message throughout the State of California. STRATEGY – Multiple message placements in the locations serve to provide regular exposure to customers. These include floor graphics, counter mats, window and cooler clings, interior signage and branded penny trays. SUCCESS – Planning for the program includes diagnosing network locations in areas of the country with high levels of adult cigarette smoking. EMG has completed repetitive auditing and creative switches to keep the messaging freshly engaging.
In-Store Merchandising FDA – Smoking Cessation -
OVERVIEW - Visa has hired EMG to handle placement of POS materials in 40,000 retail locations that use Visa Contactless Payment Systems.  STRATEGY – To place up to four pieces of POS materials in strategic locations within each store to generate more transactions by card holders.  SUCCESS – Visa was previously using a different agency for this project. That agency was converting 62% of locations by placing just one piece of collateral at the store level. EMG has had a 98% conversion rate with one piece of collateral but even more importantly a 80% success rate of placing three or more pieces of collateral at the store level. Visa has since moved on from the previous agency and has given EMG 40,000 locations to date for placement. 
Merchandising POS
VISA Contactless Pay -
OVERVIEW - EMG was hired by Trip Advisor to place ratings decals in 50,000 Hotels and Restaurants in multiple cities in the United States.  STRATEGY – To place ratings decals in the front windows of hotels and restaurants so the consumer can see what the Trip Advisor rating is at that location.  SUCCESS – Trip Advisor was previously handling this project internally and they were having a 42% conversion rate at getting ratings decals placed. EMG took over the project in multiple cities and more than doubled the conversion rate to 85% success. Trip Advisor has now asked EMG to provide what international cities we service so they can start using EMG in other parts of the world. 
MEDIA TYPE: Merchandising Trip Advisor
OVERVIEW - EMG was hired by NY Lottery to remove old POS materials and to place new POS materials in 14,000 C-Stores across NY State.  STRATEGY – To refresh 14,000 stores by removing dated materials and to put up new POS materials to promote NY Lottery in general as well as specific games to help increase sales.  SUCCESS – NY Lottery was previously using different agencies for this project. The previous agencies were having multiple store issues that ranged from not getting materials up on time to lack of communication with store owners. After the initial 14,000 visit test with EMG and having next to zero store issues and seeing reporting that was extremely thorough, NY Lottery hired EMG to do another 28,000 visits to place different collateral throughout the stores. 
In-Store Merchandising
New York Lottery
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