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Flawlessly Executed Merchandising Campaigns

Consumer Marketing

Build a Better Customer Experience

Consumer Marketing

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Retail Merchandising

Build Incredibly Stunning Displays that will Captivate Consumers

Retail Merchandising

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Resets / Special Projects

We Specialize in Department Stores, Supermarkets, Convenience and Discount Stores

Resets / Special Projects

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  • Turnkey process for independent Convenience Stores, Supermarkets and Drug Channels
  • Inventory management of POS materials
  • Prime placement of POS materials
  • Thorough intelligence gathering from the field
  • Our National reach
  • Able to get new products and SKU’s in store with optimal placement
  • Multiple reset services within the independent channel

Encompass Media Group  extensive field teams, offers a diverse services in the area of merchandising.

EMG places POS materials in thousands of locations for many high-profile clients such as VISA, Trip Advisor, FDA, NY Lottery and others.

Put your Brand on top with EMG's Merchandising Services

Encompass offers a dedicated team to support clients’ special projects such as situational audits, POP placement and resets. Our retail relationships and knowledge help to speed project work while ensuring there is no disruption to regular in-store activities. 

Encompass will stock and replenish shelves. Create visually captivating displays to attract shoppers and consumers at Point of Purchase.

Encompass ensures clients’ products have maximum visibility by optimizing sales displays, assisting with product rotation and placement, introducing new items etc. 

Encompass’s in-store experience and understanding of planogram compliance ensures that every reset is accomplished to the retailer’s specification and time frame.   

  • EMG is a one stop solutions for merchandizing in the independent C-store and Supermarket channels.
  • EMG maintains a nationwide team of field representatives that supports brands in retail locations.
  • EMG can create new strategies for brands or work within existing plans.
  • EMG proprietary field service  provides clients with detailed reporting.

Industry Clients

Nation Wide Coverage

Our Brand ambassadors are highly skilled and nationwide who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable about your product. They are always ready and willing to offer helpful suggestions new opportunities for our clients.

We deliver value to our customers and exceed their goals while complementing and utilizing strategies that are already in place.

Our Merchandisers:

  • Assist in monitoring sales and listings changes in stock and replacing damaged products
  • Review competitors marketing strategies to ensure we are pricing products competitively to guarantee a profit
  • Collaborate with staff on stock rotation and different ways to optimize space
  • Take note of opportunities and issues already established using historical data on what works and what does not.
  • Determine your target audience and analyze who and why they want your product, what issues they have, and what brings value to their lives
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